earlier this spring the kampe foundation and thistle whistle farm started a classroom project. for the past 3 years we have been doing field trips to farms all over the valley. we always have fun and learn something new on these trips! one lesson we learned early on is that it’s nice to have shelter. a place where students can gather; out of the wind, rain or blistering heat to focus on that days lessons. not in the unsuspecting but generous farmer’s greenhouse, garage or living room- but real dedicated classroom space. we are making some good headway, with the deck complete, and yurt delivered and in pile waiting to be assembled. we are waiting on the arrival of a new compression ring- then it’s a matter of a scheduled day, some instruction, and grit. i hope to have it up… soon. before summer science camp begins! thank you mark, adam, kevin, megan, the other adam and graham (for entertainment). i look forward to the days ahead – sheltered from  the elements (if we choose). here is picture of our deck in progress.