The mission of our project is to connect children with local farms to create a better understanding of where food comes from. We provide opportunities for place-based education, and serve as a tool for building healthier communities.


Counting, measuring, and problem solving.
Life cycles, soil, plant or animal biology, climate, nutrient cycles, ecology, nutrition, food science.
Vocabulary and concept development, writing activities, listening and speaking strategies.
Drawing, sketching, collage making, crafts  Social Science: farm history, farm management, environmental practices of the farm, marketing, mapping activities, culture, regionalism.

Boys and their radishes

Boys and their Farm Radishes


Field Trip to Thistle Whistle Farm

Eagerly awaiting instruction...

Eagerly Awaiting Instruction


  • Using farms and local food systems as a context for learning, students learn about the relationships between their food and the region.
  • Students become familiar with the local landscape by visiting farms and learning about the local farm economy, making real life connections.
  • Farmers are able to participate in the food system from another perspective, passing on first hand the knowledge to future generations.
  • Participants inspire stewardship and a renewal to civic life.
  • Opportunity to improve student nutrition through partnerships between school lunch, snack programs and local producers.
  • Supplementary off-season income for farmers.


We are continuously building a list of farms and classrooms who are interested in participating in the Project. After contacting us, we’ll work with you directly to develop a fun and effective curriculum. Farm to classroom relationships can start any time of year.  We work with grade levels K-12 and children of all abilities are welcome to participate.

We use three ways to communicate:
• In-classroom visits
• Traditional letters and emails
• Farm field trips

Using one or a combination of these modes of learning can maintain a relationship through the cycle of the year, or just a snapshot of a season.


The North Fork Valley has a long-standing and rich agricultural history, from generations old farmers to new. These are valuable community resources. The development of the globalized market has detached many young people from their food sources and their community. This coupled with near epidemic levels of diabetes and obesity highlights the importance and timeliness or our program. The Kids on Farms Project invites farmers and educators to participate in a program that educates and reconnects communities and preserves our regional heritage.


We recognize that farmers’ time and expertise is valuable. Farmers will be paid hourly for preparation and time they spend working directly with classrooms. On farm field trip days, farmers will be compensated on per student basis in addition.

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“Thank you for all of the time and effort you put into our farm field trip. It definitely enriched what we were already teaching in class. Thanks so very much.”
Kindergarten Teacher, Garnet Mesa Elementary
“…The Kids on Farms Project was inspiring & Provided us with nice early season cash infusion.”
North Fork Valley Farmer