we finalized two of our 6 week growing experiments in the biodome last week. the nfcms 2nd/3rd graders got a hands on lesson on the value of compost. earlier this spring the students amended half of a  4×10 raised bed, ran a ribbon down the center, and planted identical crops in each side. time, sunshine and water were some of the ingredients that helped reveal what turned out to be a important lesson in the value of compost. there were obvious differences, and the students measured, counted and took in more subjective information on the differences between the two beds. during the final check-in on the compost bags it was evident that our native soils compost much slower than store bought potting soil. the students had a great time trying to identify the items (apple cores, tissue, bread, leaves, nails, among other things) they put into the bags earlier this spring.  the students are very observant!