last week, no- actually – two weeks ago was spring break for students in delta county.

we kept busy here at the kampe foundation world headquarters by coordinating with with lynn ruoff to create an intern education program. here is a synopsis of our program:

Farmers and interns (apprentices) have been working together for mutual benefit for years. This is a popular model used around the world. Our community is unique, as it holds many diverse agriculture-based operations within a small area. This is a valuable asset. Working collaboratively, farmers in the North Fork Valley can offer a broad experience to their interns, and a deeper understanding of farming as a business and way of life. In time, this program can be called upon to attract and retain quality interns to build a stronger sustainable farming community.

The Programs highlighted in red are offered to farm interns and workers only, black text indicates events that are open to the public. Programs will run the first Wednesday of each month, Tuesdays in May, through the growing season. Location of the program will vary through the season, so check the schedule for location & directions. All programs are free. A potluck style meal will start at 6:30pm, the educational program will begin at 7:00pm and run until 8:00pm, 8-8:30pm will be a discussion and question answer period.

The Kampe Foundation is offering a $50 instructor fee to cover costs of educational material and time.

If anyone is interested, i’d be happy to post the schedule. just email me…