The NFCMS have been busy with their growing experiments in the Biodome.

They have several projects growing in the ‘dome. We are starting tomatoes for the Kids Pasta Project, we transplanted those yesterday into larger containers until the are “field-ready”.
An experiment called “Room to Live”, where students discover the effects of crowding on plant growth. They used radishes as the plant of choice.
In another experiment, we are growing different varieties of the same crop to learn about plant species diversity. Also to test variety tolerance to fluctuations in temperature, disease/pest resistance and soils. The students have been checking in on them weekly, thinning, measuring and making other observations. Mark Waltermire of Thistle Whistle Farm donated 15 different varieties of his mustard seeds for this experiment. Thank you Mark!
And this is just the biodome!
In school the Ground to Table crew has been leading lessons and sharing locally produced foods with the classes. Last week they focused on wheat; bringing in bread, wheat grass, flour, and they made old fashioned chewing gum. The kids loved it.
Thank you Chys & Danielle!