February is way too short.

We met with the HK8 students twice this week- a great way to start the month. Last June the Kampe Foundation awarded the Life Skills class a grant to fix up their school greenhouse, build a raised bed, and develop farm/growing-based lessons. On Monday I joined the kids to meet about our spring seeding schedule. We learned how to read the seed catalogs, and selected the crops that would best suit the growing projects that we’re going to take on this spring. They are planning two plants sales in early May, and the construction of a raised bed near their classroom. The seeds should arrive some time this week!
On Friday we had a lesson in composting. The objective being to explain the difference between biodegradable and non-biodegradable items. The students assembled three ‘compost bags’, all containing different ratios of matter. We’ll check in with the bags at the end of the month to see (and smell) how they have progressed and theorize which bag had the correct ratios for a fit compost heap!
Happy March!