Students demonstrated various seeding techniques.

First post of the year!

Finally some planting in the biodome after months of inactivity. Last week, Adam and I cleared out the largest spent broccoli plants that I’ve ever seen from the raised beds. They had been growing and flowering all summer, unchecked, while the kids were out. Honestly, their stem girth was nearing 3 inches.


On Friday the Junior National Honor Society students, all freshmen, came in to do some planting. After a brief meeting last week, the students asked their cafeteria managers (aka: Lunch Ladies) what could be used in the kitchen for lunches. So this spring the kids will be growing carrots, peas and many varieties for lettuce for the school salads. Every day the kids will rotate through on their watering and weeding schedule. Next month they should be cutting their first harvest of lettuce, they’ll have to wait a few more weeks for the peas and carrots. The seeds, soil and tools were furnished through the Kids on Farms project.