On Monday, May 18th 36 first graders came out to visit Thistle Whistle Farm. Spring 2015 has been a wet one in the North Fork of the Gunnison, so we were all very happy that the sun was shining and the mud drying. The students came out to transplant the tomato starts that they seeded in April, but the soil was wet enough that they had to resort to planting potatoes! Here’s what our farm educational circuit looked like:

Honey bee observation hive

Farm taste tour

Tomato bump-up relay

Goat exploration

Potato planting

As a part of the goat lesson the students had an opportunity to taste three different kinds of goat cheese and I was pleasantly surprised by their eagerness to taste them all- even after a good whiff of the feta! I know adults who are less adventurous. Almost all the kids tried the feta, cherve, and brunost (a caramelized brown scandinavian whey cheese) and crackers, of course.

I wish that I would have remembered to take pictures! Thank you to Thistle Whistle Farm and all of our fabulous volunteers.