last week was a busy one. 

we hosted the montessori 1st graders at zephyros farm and garden on thursday morning. activities included, crafts with farm grown dried flowers, worm discovery station, lamb petting and onion planting. the giant worm bin was a hit! they must have several hundred pounds of worms and castings….

later that day we hosted the 5th & 6th graders at the hotchkiss high school biodome. we discussed basic biodome design and layout, introduced the students to our worm bin, and the future plans for the dome. 
on friday we visited the hotchkiss K8 1st grade classes for our tomato project. the students went out to thistle whistle farm last fall to collect a sample (a very large sample) of a variety of heirloom tomato seeds. we planted those very seeds last week. mark waltermire, one of the finest farmers in our valley has been instrumental in this successful project. later in may the students will go out to his farm to transplant the tomato starts, the fruit produced by these plants will be donated to area food banks. thank you to kevin and danielle for your help that afternoon.
i met with the women that run the youth garden project in moab last tuesday. it is an inspiring program that i hope to replicate somehow, sometime, somewhere…
more on that later.