On october 21st we hosted 100 kindergartners at 2 local farms to learn about food and farming! it was a beautiful day; the weather was perfect, the students were wonderful, and our community educators were brilliant! I couldn’t have asked for a better day.

well, except for that school bus getting lost.
we worked with a new farm that offered different educational opportunities for the kids. this farm grows grain for milling, feed and sprouting (among many, many other things).
it was wonderful to see the children watch the transformation of the whole grain milled into fluffy flour that makes the bread that we eat everyday.
another one of life’s mysteries revealed.
education stations included: grain milling, apple cider press, carrot harvesting, farm animal visit, compost investigation, goat milking, chicken coop visit, apple tasting and apple art.
i’d like to thank:
zephyros farm and garden
lamborn farm
don, daphne, siwar, karina, adam, mark, elaine, illene, adam, cris, josh, andrew, asha, danielle, webb, greg, addie, and barb.