There are several projects for 2010, but we are going to put the Biodome at Hotchkiss High School at the top this spring.

Mark and I have been hosting garden-based science lessons out of the ‘dome for the past 2 years (see earlier posts). Last fall HHS students removed a lot of out-dated and damaged material (an old deck, and two 500 gallon water tanks) thereby increasing the usable space. Way to go students!
Unfortunately the raised beds we were using for lessons with the NFCMS got tossed out with the “bath water”, too. Looking at the bright side, I see this as opportunity to redesign the raised bed layout and be more inclusive. We will hold a meeting with the HHS science teachers to insure their interest, future use and get more students and teachers out of their classrooms! We have a lot work to do, earth leveling, bed design and construction, planting, and general maintenance.
This is a tremendous opportunity for learning and growing!