On October 6th Mark and I went to the K8 for another round of seed saving with the 1st graders (our 4th generation) and brought some tomatoes for tasting for the 2nd graders.

The 1st graders got a quick and dirty lesson on saving tomato seed. They all had tomato-y hands, and were looking forward to watching (and smelling) the seeds rot in mixture of water and seed in the gallon jars that we brought. We came back after fall break, about 10 days later, to wash and dry the seeds. We will be back in April with soil, pots and water for the next turn in the cycle.
The 2nd graders enjoyed a colorful treat on the lawn (It’s been a fabulous Indian Summer in western Colorado). The students were encouraged to observe the differences between the tomatoes that came right off of the farm, and the ones that they see in the store. They noticed, size, shape, color, and aroma. One tomato was the size and color of a small pumpkin, and it was suggested that we carve it. We did, and enjoyed every bite!