On August 29th we worked with Kids’ Pasta Project to host a fundraising dinner for the Sauce Plot. Funds raised will be used to purchase a freezer to store our homegrown tomatoes for the winter that will be used in future dinners!

We served a non-traditional meal; all organically grown vegetable kabobs, quinoa, beet-chevre-walnut salad, green beans, sweet corn, and hand made chevre ravioli!

We sold over 40 meals, and raised enough money to purchase our

Beets – just out of the Sauce Plot!

freezer. I brought in the first tomato harvest last week and we’re off to a good start… about 10 gallons. There are still hundreds of pounds out in the field just starting to ripen up!

The first big tomato harvest.

Thank you to everyone who helped out with the dinner, Thistle Whistle for donating vegetables and Avalanche Cheese for the chevre!