Despite the wind yesterday, the Hotchkiss K-8 Life Skills class had a great field trip at Zephyros Farm and Garden. There was a consistent wind of 25-30mph, with gusts up to 45 mph. After the students arrived, we found a small pocket out of the wind to enjoy lunch and introduce the farm. While Daphne gathered project material, I led the students around the farm to further introduce the sheep, goats, irrigation pond and aaaaalllll of the flower and vegetable crops, greenhouses, high tunnels, orchard, nursery, and new small fruit operation. These folks are BUSY!

While we were at the farm we helped out a little in the propagation greenhouse. There’s an unwritten rule- while you’re at the farm, you’ve got to lend a hand! So we stopped at the prop house for a while. We mixed soil, filled pots, seeded out some cucurbits, transplanted some eggplants, and dispersed lacewing eggs as a part of Zephyros IPM (Integrated Pest Management) regime. The students (and teachers) enjoyed getting their hands dirty and learning a little about life on a farm.
We hope to have this group of kids out again, as they seemed to really enjoy the afternoon- despite the wind.