A lot has happened since my last update. We have partnered with the Lamborn Foundation to bring “Ground to Table” lessons to the NFCMS. The focus of this program is to bring into the lives of children a hands-on and “mouth full” experience of foods produced in our region. Also to raise awareness and appreciation of fresh tasting, nutrient-rich choices that are available in our community. Chrys and Danielle from the Lamborn Foundation have developed an eight week program, each week they will bring an in-depth focus to the versatility of a locally produced food item.

Last week we focused on pears!
The students were introduced to basic pear production and got to sample pear juice, pear sauce, pear cake and pear leather. All served by Danielle, self-proclaimed pear-shaped woman (she’s 7 months pregnant)! It was a wonderful afternoon and we were all well fed.
Too bad I forgot the camera…